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Monday, October 19, 2015

Library Time: Week 4

This week I discovered that September was "Children's Good Manners Month".  It is always a good time to discuss good manners. First, I asked the kids what manners are.  Then, we discussed different examples of manners and polite words to use: Please, Thank you, You're welcome. etc.)

Then we really discussed the importance of listening. While not a "manner" in itself, listening lends to following directions and being respectful.  I stressed the importance of following directions the first time they are given. I told them a story of my four-year-old and how I yelled for him to stop.  I needed him to stop running immediately.  He did not see the car in the parking lot like I did. Thankfully, my son did stop and the car passed by without incident.  This segued into our story for the week

September is Children's Good Manners Month

Listen, Buddy
by Helen Lester

The children really enjoyed this book.  They knew when buddy was not listening and wondered why he wasn't.  It led to some great conversations.  

My kindergartners got an additional book:

What Do You Say When a Monkey Acts This Way
by Jane Belk Moncure

This is a cute question/answer book from the Magic Castle Readers.

This is the only week that I actually discussed the Good Manners Month, but I reminded them as the month continued.

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