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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Library Time: Week 2

This week is already a little harder to find materials for all levels. EEK.  Nonetheless, I have discovered the following observances and holidays to discuss with my students.

National Aviation Week August 17-21
Observed the week of Orville Wright's birthday on August 19

I have chosen to read My Brothers' Flying Machine: Wilbur, Orville, and Me
by Jane Yolen

This book about the creation of the airplane told from the perspective of their sister, It is a great read aloud for the older ones (2nd and 3rd), but we stop and talk about it a little for the younger ones (1st and Kindergarten).  The pictures are simple, and the book itself is quite calming.

Tongue Twister Day: August 22

After the first book, if we have time, we talk about tongue twisters.  The younger kids get a few pages from Oh, Say Can You Say by Dr. Seuss

While the older ones get some tongue twisters 
from Six Sick Sheep 101 Tongue Twisters by Joanna and Stephanie Camenlson

So far everyone hasn't experienced the tongue twisters due to time, but everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.  

Books are linked to amazon, but I received no compensation.  Just wanted to let you know how to get a hold of them if you wanted them.

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