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Sunday, July 5, 2015

My (Current) Silly Obsession

When I was little, I collected pencils.  I loved pencils. Pencils with my name on it. Smelly pencils. Decorated pencils.  I didn't care as long as I could add them to the special box I had decorated just for my pencils. It is probably one of the reasons I have an affinity for school supplies.

As I got older, I moved from pencils to Sweet Valley High books.  I bought them all until publications exceeded my funds.  I had over 85 books in the series until I moved off to college. I so wanted to be Elizabeth Wakefield.

Now as a mom, I have tried to trim down on collections due to space and time and money. I prefer my collections to be my kids' drawings and art projects. 

Still, I have one thing that I cannot stop collecting for some reason: 

Food Network Magazine 50 Recipe Booklets

My mother-in-law subscribes to the magazine, and in each magazine there is a pull-out booklet. Each booklet has 50 recipes all with one theme. She graciously allows me to take out the booklet.  I LOVE these little booklets. They have all kinds of ingredients and recipes at all degrees of levels. Out of the 63 available booklets, I have 62.  I don't have the very first one: Toast Toppers. And in all honesty, I think I misplaced Holiday Cookies in our move, so if I don't find it soon, I will be on the lookout for that one, too.  To check out the pictures of the covers of each booklet, click here. Most titles are linked to the Food Network Magazine Recipe Index.

Deviled Eggs 

Party Punches 

Things to Make with Zucchini 

These booklets are the best.  I even look up the media kit for the magazine so I know what is coming up for the whole year. I haven't tired all of them, of course.  In fact, I probably collect more than I try out the recipes.

I am willing to buy the two booklets needed: Toast Toppers and Holiday Cookies.  Contact me for more info: caroltyner@yahoo.com

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