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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Small Things??

We have had a rough week, I won't lie: busted transmission in one vehicle, busted throttle something in the other, two kids with ear infections, one kid with a nasty cough and a bloody head, the list could go on.

After attempting to get one vehicle fixed, Dan went to pick it up, and it broke down in the dealership parking lot. Since the service department soon closed after returning the car for repairs (again), the dealership arranged for us to have a rental car at no charge to us. The guy from Enterprise asked Dan how he week was going, and Dan proceeded to tell him.

Ok, so where is this going?

Dan mentioned that despite all the troubles, he has been able to spend time with us and that is the good thing.  "Yup," the Enterprise guy said, "it is the small things that matter."

People say this all the time, and maybe I am just interpreting it wrong, but since when did spending time with your family and enjoying each other's company  become "the SMALL things"?  I know there are sayings that it is the little things that matter in a relationship: the sweet notes, the random acts of love and kindness. I am not talking about that. I am not even talking about not sweating the small stuff- the everyday distractions that prevent us from living happily.  I am  concerned for those who think spending quality time together as a family is small.  It is not small.  It is HUGE.

We are so caught up in the small things that we often think it adds up to the big things.  I want my family to know they are important to me. I want them to know I will be there for them.  How is that considered small?  I consider small things to be doing the dishes or washing a load of laundry.  Yes, it is important for my family to live in a nice clean house, but I would rather hang out with them watching tv, playing a board game, going to the museum. I want them to know they are more important than a clean carpet (which is evident, just come on over to the house).

When my kids are older, I want them to remember our time together, our lazy days in our pajamas or baking something in the kitchen. Maybe for others, these are considered small things, but I refuse to believe that the relationships I forge with my family are small.

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