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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All I Want for Christmas. . .

One of the things that always bugs me about my daddy is that when I ask him what he wants for Christmas, he always says "Nothing."  What?  How can you not want anything??   That is why throughout my entire childhood, Daddy got a new bottle of Old Spice aftershave.  That's right, my daddy is an Old Spice man.

Now, I am a little older (just a little) and I find myself responding to the question in the same way, "Nothing."  I have discovered that I have outgrown the need for trinkets. I don't really collect anything anymore; most of my collections have been broken up and sold, or well, broken. Don't get me wrong, it is not that I don't want anything, I do.  I just happen to have wishes and dreams beyond my checkbook balance. Therefore, all my wish list items are unrealistic, hence the automatic response of, "Nothing."

Still, it is so much fun to create a wish list, and I have. I have created my ULTIMATE NO-HOLDS-BARRED WISH LIST for 2012.  I think the following list is extremely extravagant, but the funniest thing to me is that there are people who would probably call this Tuesday.

MY ULTIMATE NO-HOLDS-BARRED WISH LIST 2012 (in no particular order)

1. A jewelry armoire. I don't have a lot of jewelry, but it is a jumbly mess on the top of my dresser. I happen to like this one. At least maybe I can stop losing my earrings and find my matching sets of earrings/necklaces/bracelets.

2. Unlimited Massages- I am a SUCKER for massages.  I blame my husband--wait, don't get any ideas.  My love bought me a gift certificate for a massage as a present before we were married, and I got HOOKED.  The only problem is they are like 60 bucks a pop, and that is just for 30 minutes usually.  Thirty minutes may be enough for some people, but that is just enough to make me mad. I could easily have a massage every week.  I'm telling you--when money is no longer a concern...

3. Gift Cards from anywhere for any amount.  I know most people don't like gift cards.  They think they are impersonal. I LOVE them. When I do get a few, I save them and ration out the funds. If I had to pick a few stores, I would pick JCP, Kohls, Charming Charlie, Old Navy, LifeWay, Michaels, Target, and any restaurant.  One reason I like gift cards is they are usually for clothes.  Since our budget is tight (whose isn't?) I easily jump over clothes.  This way, with cards, I am forced to buy the things I need without sacrificing groceries. Also, I admit, if the need arises, I will use the cards for the kids. While some people may say that it isn't for the kids, I say give me something that allows me to provide for my kids, and that is the best present of all.
4. We are in desperate need for new furniture.  We have only had ours for about 8 years, but the springs have popped out underneath.  We have had to place a piece of board under cushions so we are not falling through the couch completely. We bought our furniture pre-kids and definitely did NOT put into consideration in the fact that one day we would have kids.  Our couches have protruding wood along the bottom and edges of the arm rests.  If my kids have bumped and bruised their heads once, they have done it a hundred times. I am thinking I would like something chocolate brown or hunter green.  This would be so nice to have.

5. Now I preface this one with a warning.  It is not nice.  My close friends have heard me say this and choose to love me anyway.  Since I never know the dispositions of readers, I simply request that you do not base your entire opinion on me based on this one wish.  My dog, Max, needs to go to Heaven. That's right, heartless, rotten, mean me has added the natural death of  my 12-year-old, blind, incontinent, kid-fearing dog to my wish list. Go ahead and un-friend, de-plus, unsubscribe yourself if need be, but I am just being honest.  Believe it or not, I love my dog.  He is just not happy.  He has never liked my kids- never even tried or tries to play with them (he bit Melody one time she tried to play with him). He is basically blind, pees constantly in my house and just seems miserable.  The thing is we take him to the vet- he is healthy, so there is no medical reason to "help" him move beyond our world.  He is just old, and that is no reason to get rid of him.  When the day Max leaves us does come,  I will be the first to tell you that I WILL be bawling my eyes out.  He has been a part of our lives since he was about 6 weeks old. I tell you; it is just time.
Max, in happier times, about 5 years ago

**UPDATE** Sweet Max did indeed go to Doggie Heaven on January 10, 2013.  We will be missed.
6. Now, considering the fact that I get everything on my wish list this year, after sweet Max has gone beyond, I will need the best cleaning crew to come in and clean my house from wall to wall and ceiling to floor.  I really want this either way; it is just  why clean it when my dog is just gonna pee on it anyway. I have to admit, though, I am not the best housekeeper.  I often feel overwhelmed with everything and end up doing nothing.  A nice cleaning would be great to start the new year fresh.

7.  You know how some people just absolutely love "As Seen on TV" products.  I feel the same way about "Of the Month" club gift.  You know, Fruit of the Month or Pizza of the Month or Chocolate of the Month.  I have no clue why, but this type of gift excites me.  Maybe it is the idea of being surprised every month with a new something that tickles my fancy.  With the exception of Wine of the Month, I cannot think of  a Club gift I would not want. Did you know there is even a Pickle of the Month Club? The drawback to these is that eventually they stop.

8. I want a 8 day-7 night all-inclusive trip for five at the Grand Floridian Hotel at Walt Disney World. I want park hopper tickets, three free meals a day, behind-the-scene tours, spa packages, princess character dining- the whole VIP treatment.  We LOVE Disney World.  Dear Hubby and I went on our honeymoon and have been fortunate enough to do back a few times.  I want to be able to take all three of my kids with me and just have a good ole' time.

9. Last, but not least, my ultimate wish list contains becoming DEBT-FREE. We had worked our way into debt, and we are busting our... backs to get out of it.  It is hard. I struggle every day. One of the reasons why my wish list is so extravagant is because I KNOW I can't afford any of it, so it doesn't bother me that I don't get it. Of course, out of my whole list, this one is attainable, and once I attain my freedom from debt, maybe some of the others on my list will be attainable, too.

So, that is my list. One of the best things about it is that it is a list for the whole year, not just around the holidays, because if you ask me what I want for Christmas, I will probably tell you, "Nothing."            

What are some of the things on your Ultimate Wish List?


  1. Love this Carol....I wish I could get you everything on your list, you deserve it!!!!

    1. Thanks, Holly. I would be even more spoiled if I ACTUALLY did get everything on my list. What would I dream about, then? Well... I could probably think of something.

  2. I'm totally a fan of your "unlimited massages idea". I would also ask for a professional organizer to help me get my house in order as it has been chaotic since getting married this year and combining two households. I would ask to be free of chronic backpain, and I would like to have a lifetime supply of Carnival Cruises. Okay - these things are silly, but it was fun to dream!

    1. Nice ones. Congratulations on your marriage. I have never been on a cruise, but I would love to go on one. It is ok to be silly and dream sometimes, keeps us young.

  3. FYI - I nominated you for a Liebster Award (www.faketillmake.com). I'm enjoying your blog!

    1. Wow! Thanks! I really appreciate that. I just learned what one was the other day. It will be fun to do answer your questions. Hope I can come up with questions of my own.

  4. Hello! Stopping through from Bloggy Moms and following via GFC & Google+. I like to make wish lists too. Last Christmas I got a jewelry armoire and really like it a lot:) Hope you had a wonderful christmas!